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What are the Top Buys and Top Shorts filters and how do I use them?

The Top Buys stock filter form. Located on the the Top Buys and Top Shorts page.
The Top buys and Top Shorts filters will allow you to filter out the Top Buys and/or Top Short based on your minimum dollar and minimum liquidity preferences. The Min Dollar Amount filters the Top Buys and Shorts based on the latest closing price. If you do not want to trade stocks under $5 then you would enter 5.00 in the Min Dollar Amount field. If you are trading more than $5k per trade, you should set the Min Liquidity value to about 100 times your trade size. For example if your trade size will be $15,000.00 then 15,000 x 100 = 1,500,000 or 1.5 million. For your Min Liquidity Amount enter the value of 1.5 since this value is in millions. Both liquidity and price are stored out to two decimal places Note:

The Top Buys filter and the Top Shorts filters are stored independently. Therefore you can use different filters to filter the buys and shorts.There is no account needed as these values are stored based on your browser.