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Ricochet Trader Frequently asked questions

Can I share your forecast charts on other websites?

If you are sharing the information with others that may lead them back to our website, then the answer is "yes" and we highly desire for you to share our forecasts. However, please make sure to follow any guidelines or rules of that website.

If you are wanting to use our information in any way that does not lead a person back to our website (i.e., copying our forecast and re-branding it as your own), then "no" you cannot do do this. Our forecasts and website is protected under Copyright law.

- Copy and pasting the URL.
- Using the Share button located just below the chart.

Copy and pasting the URL from the Browsers URL Box.

Unselected URL
To Select the URL click one time on the URL. This will select or highlight the URL.
Selected URL

Once the URL is selected there are three ways to copy the URL.
1. Hold the Ctrl key down and press the "C" key (Ctrl+C) is the short cut for copy.
2. Right click on the selected URL and choose Copy from the tool menu.
3. Click the Edit menu button from your browsers tool bar and choose copy.

Once you have the URL copied you can paste it in any area where you can type. There are three ways to paste the URL
1. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the "V" key (Ctrl + v) is the shortcut for paste.
2. Right click in the area you want to paste the URL and choose Paste from the tool menu.
3. Click the area you want to paste the URL and click Edit menu button from your browsers tool bar and choose paste.

Using the share button.

By placing your mouse over the share button a small window will show just above the share button. This window will contain the most used share features, such as email, printing, twitter, etc. Simply click on the feature you would like to use and follow the instruction.

The Share This Button